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In India a large number of Indian Importers are involve in the import of Machineries & Parts, Fertilizers, Raw wool, Transport Equipments, Aircraft Spare Parts, Electrical Goods, Medicine & Medical Equipments, Compound and Telecommunication Equipment.

The rising middle income groups of consumers in India and the items of their daily use have resulted faster rising imports demands in the country. India is a major importer of unprocessed dried fruits and nuts such as almonds, dry dates, figs, raisins and sultanas. Restrictions on importing of fruit and vegetables into India were lifted in 1999.

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Commodity wise import of items in India are as follows:

Commodities 2005-06
Fertilizers Importer 9158.94
Edible Oil Importer 8716.32
Sugar Importer 2651.8
Pulp and waste paper Importer 2471.43
Paper board and mfrs Importer 4347.77
Newsprint Importer 1915.35
Crude rubber Importer 1813.79
Non-ferrous Metals Importer 8157.3
Metalliferrous ores and metal scrap 16693.4
Iron and Steel Importer 19621.61
Petroleum crude and products Importer 194640
Pearls, Precious and Semi-Precious stones Importer 40469.24
Machinery Importer 68948.46
Pulses Importer 2346.9
Coal, Coke and briquettes Importer 16380.07
Non-metallic minerals Importer 2760.73
Organic & Inorganic chemicals Importer 30500.82
Dyeing, tanning Importer 2203.06
Medicinal Pharma. Importer 4515.22
Art fresins, etc Importer 9895.26
Chemical Products Importer 4599.84
Other Textile Yarn, fabrics, etc Importer 3640.64
Manufactures of Metals Importer 5316.46
Electronic goods Importer 58405.68
Wood and wood products Importer 4066.3
Gold and Silver Importer 49539.57
Woolen Yarn and Fabrics Importer 205.6
Cotton yarn and fabrics Importer 1228.67
Cotton raw and waste Importer 688.31
Essential oils Importer 634.2
Computer hardware and software Importers 3961.59

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